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Kobuleti - city of western Georgia, administrative center of Kobuleti municipality in Adjara region. Located on Kobuleti lowland, on the Black Sea coast, 5 meters above sea level.

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Kobuleti is especially rich in ancient monuments of the stone and early feudal ages. Two archaeological monuments of stone age (Archaeological Monuments of Khutsubani and Kobobuleti) and one archaeological monuments of bronze age (Chaisubani) have been discovered on the territory of the municipality. The territory of Kobuleti municipality was represented Kvemo Guria and was part of the Guria Principality. In the XV-XVIII centuries there was a constant dispute between the Guria Principality and the Ottoman Empire. In 1774, the Ottoman Empire eventually conquered Guria. The border was passing through the river Tkhrapona. The process of implementing islam started and lasted over a century. The municipality territory was creating the Churuk-Su region, which was a part of Lazistan Sanjak. The Russian Empire was able to conquer Churuk-Su in 1829, but due to a technical error in the Adrianopoli Treaty, the border extended to the north and passed through the river Cholok.


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According to the data of 1865, 16 villages were included in Churuk-Su. There were 17 mosques and ten Madrasa, while 3592 Georgian Muslims and 538 Muhajirs lived there. The population was producing maize and construction wood. According to Dimitri Bakradze in 1873, the local population had Turkish names, but they remembered Georgian origins and used Georgian surnames.

In 1878, after the Russian-Ottoman war, Russian Empire managed to conquer Churuk-Su, which was included in Batumi District as a Kintrishi District. In 1930 Kobuleti region was established.

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Mayor of Kobuleti Municipality

Mirian Katamadze




Address: N141 Davit Agmashenebeli Ave. Kobuleti, Adjara, Georgia
Phone: (+995) 426 26 72 36
Email: kobuletimliament@gmail.com


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